What are the benefits of Ethereum users?

Because more and more people are interested in Ethereum sale or purchase transactions, it is important to establish all the details in this regard and to clearly mention the advantages that the participants in the platform obtain.

Ethereum sale or purchase transactions – advantages

Through important Ethereum sale or purchase transactions, several important advantages are obtained. First of all, the commission is very small and the only commission that is charged on this platform for transactions with Ethereum is 0.15 percent, regardless of the amounts that are traded.
There are no other hidden costs in this regard. When the money is withdrawn from ro.exchange, the commission will be paid in the network, this being completely independent of the platform. In addition, it works very well for users who support the Ethereum network.


Ethereum can also be traded against two other currencies or in exchange for the euro. Deposits or withdrawals made in euros can be made using a special SEPA account and the procedures are very simple. They are also explained step by step on this platform.
All users who make transactions on the platform have total security. All clients’ funds are kept in cold stored wallets. All money that is stored on this platform is safe and cannot be attacked or stolen by hackers.

Transactions take place quickly and at a preferential price

You can buy and sell coins at the market price and you can also use a market type payment order. There is also the option to trade for prices chosen by certain people using a limit order.
Each person in the community has at their disposal tutorials and complete information about how the operations are carried out on this platform. Starting from the correct setting of the data for the account and up to security measures or preferential deposits and transactions. If there are any questions, the support team can be contacted by email or through social networks.

The project is a free platform based on a technology known as blockchain, which allows all developers to make decentralized applications. The platform appeared in 2013 and is produced by Vitalink Buterin. Its purpose is to facilitate all smart contracts in open networks.

Compared to Bitcoin, this platform allows smart and flexible contracts. A smart contract is one that is completely digital. In addition, the validation of contractual terms takes place in a predefined and automated system, which is not controlled by the central authorities.

The development of such an application is free for any person and is available without other additional functions. Programming knowledge is also required to create such an application, but the infrastructure is open to anyone who wants to improve a certain social and, respectively, economic aspect.

The currency at the base of the platform is Ether and is also known as Ethereum, being the second best known such currency. The first currency in popularity is Bitcoin, and Ethereum works almost the same.

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