Tips for beginner investors in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency transactions are of great interest, many are eager to learn as much as possible about how to earn through them and aim to try the sea with their finger, encouraged by the possibility of considerably supplementing their income.

Fascinated by the possibility of big gains, some have the feeling that they can always enjoy something like that, to give the blow, advancing with their head forward, without being informed enough and relying only on intuition, luck or too much confidence. in their own abilities.

In fact, things are not like that at all, and a person who buys and sells bitcoin and ends up enjoying significant gains certainly has a lot of work behind him, sleepless nights, high-performance tools but also many failures at first, but from which he learned to know now to act prudently.

Thus, the first tip, do not dare to mine, because the electricity you use in this regard will eventually prove more expensive than the currency itself. If you still insist on mining, then it means that you have a field full of solar panels that will provide you with the free electricity you need. So, you don’t have tools, you don’t mine, improvising with servers on the balcony, the option that doesn’t work for a long time.

The second tip, an ideal one, buy, if you are able, cheap and sell expensive!

Another piece of advice, almost parental and worthy of consideration, is the amount of money you are willing to try your luck in cryptocurrency transactions. It is recommended that they be as small as possible, the probability of losing them is high, so do not take considerable risks.

Another piece of advice to follow with holiness, be very careful with your wallet! So maximum attention to the key, once lost, remains lost. Don’t rely on having it on your phone, because your phone can be lost or, worse, stolen, so goodbye phone, goodbye wallet!

And finally, the advice with number five tells you not to resort to obscure scholarships, no matter how promising their advertisements seem to you, you could wake up without a wallet !. So focus on friendly platforms with a solid reputation, so safe for novice investors.

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