For whom is crypto?

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies quite often lately. That is about bitcoin and other interesting names. Digital money. Technology. Which ends up being real money, meaning money with which we can make “normal” transactions. Interestingly, in more and more places – online and offline retailers – you can pay directly in cryptocurrencies, from coffee and pizza to cars and other high-value goods.

But whenever you want to mark a certain increase (or decrease, if there is an urgent need for liquidity), cryptocurrencies can be transformed into lei, euro, dollars, etc. at the value of that moment. At every moment there is a certain value, a kind of exchange rate. As in any investment, it is ideal to buy cheap and sell expensive.

Who do cryptocurrencies exist for? For people like us. It’s just that for those of us who have already accumulated some money, they have saved even now with a small part of these savings, they want to try a big earning potential. Of course, there are big investors, but they will not refer to us. Although they are also a good example: even if they invest a million euros in bitcoin to say the least, they certainly have at least tens or hundreds of millions of euros, which they use for safer investments.

What’s with cryptocurrencies? Very large oscillations can be recorded in days, weeks, months or years. History shows us increases not of tens of percent, but even of thousands%. But also quite significant decreases! That is, you can have 10 times or 100 times more money (if you have invested in what you need, when you need it), but you can have a loss of 50% or more in just a few days or weeks, if you have made unfortunate choices. ! Nobody knows exactly what will happen in the future, so beyond all the analysis it is about luck.

So, we come back to the question in the title of the article: For whom do cryptocurrencies exist? For people who invest say 5% of the money (or less) in such a variant. There are certainly all kinds of profiles, people who invest a lot of their money, hoping for enrichment, but they are not a good example at all!

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