Crypto converter tool

What is a crypto converter?

A crypto converter or an exchange rate calculator is a calculator that allows you to directly compare the values of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to each other. You can convert the currency exchange rates in 1-to-1 or 1-to-many mode in real-time.

Why to use ?

Cryptocurrency prices can drastically fluctuate by the minute, that’s why is very important to have a simple way to compare the prices using the up-to-date exchange rates available.

Checking every exchanger and calculate the rates can be time consuming, but not when you have a tool that make this for you.

  • Is very easy and practical
  • Need to know the live price of Bitcoin ? Easily convert BTC to USD!
  • Need to check how much litecoin you can get for 100$ ? Convert USD to LTC.
  • Want to know how much 1000 Dogecoin is in Bitcoin ?
  • You can even convert you favorite coin to all other coins in same page, live without browsing like a crazy.
  • Support most important coins.
KryptoGator converter tool

The rates of a converter are based on the data provided by multiple cryptocurrency echange APIs and thats give you the latest rates with a simple click.

Keep in mind the rates displayed are the average rates from different crypto exchangers and the price is always dictated by the demand and supply on the respective exchanger.

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